Your partner for engineering, modernization and automation projects.

Using the unique range of services provided by PTC PressEngineering, we can improve your abilities to customize products and keep your production processes flexible and up-to-date. We work with our customers to develop technical solutions which guarantee high system availability, excellent safety standards and cost-effectiveness.

As your partner for digitization, automation and system integration projects, we can help you modernize and optimize every stage of your processes and improve your company’s flexibility. Together with Bratz Engineering, PTC PressEngineering has formed a competence center for integrated production systems within the SCHOLPP Group.

Our experience in the intelligent use of machine data, and in engineering and refurbishment projects, has given us the expertise needed to help you improve the performance and reduce the costs of your production processes. Because we believe in value creation through forward planning.

Learn more about our service modules:

Presses and strip feeding lines
Flexible assembly lines

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