Assembly lines:
as flexible as you need them to be.

We know that when it comes to modernization projects, what really matters is efficiency, cost-effectiveness and quality assurance. If you decide to automate your assembly processes, PTC PressEngineering will design ways to integrate individual process steps into a holistic system concept. We develop tailored solutions covering everything from test rig technology to individual production and final assembly at home or abroad.

You want to adapt your assembly lines for a new product derivative? No problem. Your systems need electrical and mechanical modifications, as well as new measurement technologies and additional bolting systems? We’ll get it done. Having flexible, interchangeable functional units enables you to incorporate a vast range of sizes and variations into your production spectrum.

To make existing assembly lines more flexible, we implement them within superordinate management systems.Machines, cells and lines, camera and testing systems and control systems (interface programming) can all be integrated systematically.

We can also perform cycle time tests to determine the optimization potential of automating your assembly process. This increases your productivity whilst reducing your manufacturing and maintenance costs. We can also create clear, user-friendly visualizations depending on the requirements of your automation project.

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