Maintenance and modernization services for your presses and strip feeding lines.

The technicians at PTC PressEngineering start by carrying out high-precision press checks on all assemblies, measuring individual and total clearances and performing functional testing and visual assessments. Next, our experts develop a detailed catalog of actions based on the machine’s current condition. Finally, we work with you to determine the optimum time for maintenance and modernization measures to be carried out.

From individual components to complete assemblies: We are experts in redesigning and improving the layout of mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical components. We integrate new control technologies and replace wearing parts such as seals, hoses, valves, cables, sensors and actuators. We also offer improved coolant and lubrication services, and can optimize gear systems to lengthen the machine’s service life.

With this set of measures, we can improve the performance of your press to up to 85 % of that of a brand new machine. If necessary, we can manufacture replacement parts for all machine types, designed to meet the highest quality demands within tight timeframes. Refurbishments cost around 30 % of the purchase price of a new press.

We can also automate entire production processes as part of our Modernization service module. We take care of anything from automated tool changes to networked operation of multiple systems. We can digitize and connect individual presses to create a press line with flexible operator controls.

Retrofitting conveyor belt systems is far more cost-effective than purchasing brand new ones. We specialize in retrofitting and adjusting your systems to new, specific manufacturing applications. And of course, we always use the latest control systems and technologies.

We also provide a range of safety and certification services for all machine types:

  • CE certifications
  • Performance Level as per EN ISO 13849-1
  • Testing in accordance with BGI/GUV-I 724
  • Equipment inspections in accordance with the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health
  • Reliable risk assessments for modifications

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